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   Disappointed With Low Turnout At Your Theme Camps Playa Events?

   Your Listed In The Who, What, Where, When & Still NO ONE Shows Up...

   Get Crowded With Our Help..


Theme Camps spend months of planning and thousands of dollars in creating unique Playa Condos for the events they will host.  These Playa Events are the 'Daily Bread' of Burning Man.   Advertising your event in the Who, What, Where, When is BMORG's best way to direct you to all that is happening. Even with that kind of Playa-Wide exposure, attendance at your events is not guaranteed.  If the only folks that show up for an event are those in your own camp, the event is often abandoned.

With action 24/7 at locations all around BRC Theme Camps are competing for the very same Burners.  GetCrowded's unique insights into the 'Mindset of Crowds' can assist you in making your Playa Events not only well attended but have them begging for more. 


Low turnout at your Playa Event does not mean your idea was a washout, low attendance can sometimes be attributed to the chosen venue or infrastructure, or the lack thereof. Get Crowded offers a wide variety of Congeries Gear to assist you - from Crowd Control Equipment to Portable Heaters and Propane, for those cold Playa nights.

Get Crowded also offers the opportunity to Rent a Breed of Crowd for whatever type of Playa Event you host.  These Crowds can be closely matched to your specific event needs, helping you create the well attended Playa Event you envisioned.

"In order to maintain a Crowd at your Playa Event, you need to start with a Crowd, whether on Bike or on Foot, the sight of a crowd will garner attention, the need to investigate and see what's the Buzz." Says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman & CEO.



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