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Get Crowded EmploymentGet Crowded is a rapidly growing company based in Gerlach Nevada. Our philosophy is to provide each staff member with a safe and rewarding work environment, that allows for personal growth and advancement opportunities throughout the organization or within the other SBS Consolidated family of companies.

We are looking for outstanding people who want to be part of the team that is changing the entire paradigm of what is a successful Playa Event. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, as well as an environment that encourages achievement, teamwork and fun.

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Current Job Openings:

On-Site Manager:
On-site managers will be responsible for day-to-day operations and oversight at each of the Theme Camp / Playa locations Get Crowded is involved in. To insure the property is safe and being maintained properly, on-site managers routinely inspect the grounds, facilities, and equipment to determine if repairs or maintenance are needed. Compensation will be $165.23/day

Event Crowd Controller: To provide a requesting Theme Camp with efficient and safe entry, seating, and exit from its Playa Events and to perform one or more of the following crowd control functions during a Theme Camp's Playa Event. Direct those attending to general seating area; guard doorways, event entrances and exists, to avoid unauthorized entry or removal of equipment; direct ushers in specific event procedures; observe patrons at the door and request them to dispose of items not permitted into the events area. Provide immediate assistance to patrons in the event of accident or injury; refer serious problems to supervisor. Compensation will be $134.78/day

Be Part of the Crowd: Do you have a special Talent? Are you politically minded? Are you a Voyeur? Enjoy leftovers?  A Nudist?  Get Crowded seeks highly motivated individuals that can be Part of a Crowd.  Check out our Breeds of Crowds.  Send us an Email, tell us something about yourself and why you would be a good addition to our offered Audiences.  Compensation will be $86.54/day



Join the Get Crowded Team TODAY!!!
Send your Résumé to: info@getcrowded.com




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