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About Us

Get Crowded knows The Audience is Listening. Working with world-renowned Analytics companies, Get Crowded and its partners performed hundreds of hours of audience research, about their attitudes, knowledge, interests, preferences, and behaviors with respect to what is common at well attended Playa Events.  Using sophisticated Data Mining techniques, investigators complied The Get Crowded Audience Theory, determining how to plan, operate, advertise and assess a successful Burning Man Playa Event.

Get Crowded OfficesThe Get Crowded's headquarters, located on the Southern edge of Gerlach, Nevada has served the Black Rock Desert as well as the communities of Gerlach & Empire since January 2005.

Our Mission Statement is to enhance the ability of Burning Man Theme Camps
to better manage their Playa Events, by providing Products & Services to best serve their customers, the Playa Citizenry.

Why do some Playa Events suck? That's right, No audience. It’s difficult to pull off a great event when you have no real audience. Participants Participate. They create their own original information, entertainment and art to what is being presented to them.  Individually they are a market of one. Collectively they are a trend, telling others about what events to attend and which to avoid. We are 40,000 voices saying one thing – Attend Our Playa Event.

"With the help of Get Crowded and the other SBS Consolidated companies, we are helping the organizers of Burning Man & its Theme Camps to become truly customer-centric in order to maximize crowd size and keep them coming back again & again", says ScottoBobScotto Chairmen & CEO







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