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Breed of Crowd

Instead of knocking yourself out, searching for the magic bullet that will bring crowds to your Playa event, align with Get Crowded's  proven audience Development & Management System. The Get Crowded Audience Theory, compiled through exhaustive research, has become a trade standard and is held in high regard with industry powerhouses.   You'll never again suffer through the  embarrassment  of running a Playa-Event that No One attends!

Get Crowded offers a wide variety of 'Crowd Types' to suit your every Playa-Event need.  Our crowds come with a guarantee that they will be genuinely interested and interactive and achieve Full audience participation...Guaranteed!!

Base charges are $44.65 - Add  $24.35 each additional increase in Crowd Size.

Order your Breed of Crowd TODAY!!!


All Crowds available in populations of (22, 45, 69, 84, 138)

  • Rowdy Crowd

  • Happy Crowd

  • OOOOhhhh....AAAAAhhhh Crowd

  • The Kenny G Mellow Crowd

  • Heckler Crowd

  • Voyeuristic Crowd

  • Exhibitionist Crowd

  • Nudist Crowd

  • Political - Correct - Incorrect Crowd

  • Age Defined Crowd  - 20-Something - 30-Something - Over The Hill - Underage Crowd

  • Eat your Leftovers Crowd

  • Range of Intelligence Crowd

  • Autograph Hound Crowd

Order your Breed of Crowd TODAY!!!




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